Visitor Management System

A Safeguarding Site Access Solution

The InVentry Visitor Management System is a revolutionary site access and management tool, designed from the ground up to make your business more secure, more professional, and offer more convenience than ever when it comes to admitting staff, colleagues, clients and guests.

InVentry’s Visitor Management System puts you back in control of who is entering and leaving your premises. The stylish touch screen interface conveys a professional image to visitors and is incredibly simple to use, allowing anyone to sign in and register themselves on the database in record time.

A reception console can be placed at any number of entrances, with each unit connected directly to your central database. With this secure system in place, each console will be constantly updated with who is on the premises, when and for how long. You can even ask visitors to specify more detailed information, such as the purpose of their visit or reason for leaving.

A Bespoke Sign-In System for Any Business

Our aim is to design a bespoke sign-in solution for every business. Since every establishment is different, the only true way to create a secure and reliable access system is through careful inspection of each new site.

We will always recommend the best course of action for you—there is no everyday solution when it comes to security. For your business, enhanced features such as barcode scanners, additional language packs and the InVentry Anywhere app may be required. To view the InVentry Visitor Management System’s full range of options, please visit the System Features page.

InVentry gives your business maximum traceability and security when it comes to people entering and leaving your premises. Call us now on 08433 306 134 or visit our Contact page to find out more about the most comprehensive and cohesive approach to managing visitors and staff in your company.