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Standard Features

InVentry is the most expansive and forward thinking sign in software available.

The InVentry system is always ahead of the curve; over the year, our technical experts have listened to user feedback and have worked hard to implement features that our clients now consider a necessity.

The range of features included as standard with the InVentry system are:

  • Easy to Use Touch Screen Interface

    Using a touch screen is now second nature to most people in a world of smart phones and tablets. But even to those unfamiliar with modern technology, the InVentry system is clear and intuitive, making it simple to welcome and sign in visitors, contractors and staff. Our expert technicians will provide a training session to those who will be using the system most, introducing them to the method of recording visitor names, information and taking photos with the integrated webcam.

  • Visitor Sign in & Photo ID Badge Printing

    The InVentry sign in process is a breeze to work with, allowing visitors to sign in instantly and print a high quality photo ID badge, while recording all their data and synchronising this with the central database. This minimises the time that important clients and guests spend waiting in reception, but makes your premises more safe and secure than ever before.

  • Fully Encrypted Database

    We understand the importance of keeping your site secure. That’s why we enable you to collect as much information on visitors as possible to ensure you’re comfortable with who is entering and leaving your site. However, so that you can keep this important data protected, the central database that all information is saved to is fully encoded; only authorised personnel will be able to access it.

  • Contractor Requirement Integration

    InVentry can be used as your central record of recruitment and vetting checks for staff and visitors, and can seamlessly and securely integrate approved contractor data. Approved Contractor badges can then be produced for the relevant person.

  • Quick Find and Visitor Memory

    The fast and efficient InVentry system allows regular visitors and staff to select who they are by just typing a few characters. The database will even remember all previous visitors to make every single returning guest’s sign in experience is as swift as possible.

  • Staff Notification

    To create a seamless, professional experience for every visitor, staff members can arrange to be notified as soon as their selected guest has arrived on site thanks to the groundbreaking InVentry central database. Notifications can be delivered via both email and text message, conveniently displaying the visitor’s name and photo.

  • Easy Sign In & Out

    When signing in or out of the premises, visitors, students and staff members can simply find their photo on the system, avoiding the need to scroll through a long list of names.

  • One-Click Fire Evacuation List

    InVentry can instantly produce a full list of visitors, contractors and staff onsite, which can be used for fire evacuation purposes or for your reference.

  • Time Card Printing

    The InVentry System can produce time cards to help you monitor part time staff hours.