System Features

The state-of-the-art InVentry system comes equipped with a range of beneficial features that make it the only choice when it comes to site access.

A full inspection of your premises will be carried out to determine which features will be the most suitable and the most beneficial for your situation.

These include:

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    InVentry Reception Console

    Each relevant staff member will receive a full training session with the easy-to-use reception console, which allows administration and reception staff full access to search the central database, print reports and otherwise manage the system.

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    Staff Management

    Enable staff to sign in and out of the system quickly and efficiently by selecting their name or photo onscreen, or swiping their unique ID badge/Fob.

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    Staff Notification

    Staff members can be notified when their visitor or appointment has arrived, either by email or text message, complete with a photo so they know who to expect. Never forget an important meeting again, and greet your new visitor professionally.

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    Pass & Time Card Printing

    Print out a range of administrative passes, such as vehicle permits, ID cards and staff time cards quickly and easily.

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    InVentry QuickScan

    The InVentry QuickScan unit is designed for use at multiple entrances around your building to track entrance and exit at those locations.

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    Multi-Tenanted Offices

    The InVentry System has a solution that is specifically designed to help offices where multiple companies reside. The intelligent sign-in screen differentiates between businesses and sends an email notification to the relevant office.

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    Language Packs

    The sign-in screens are available in any language and can be changed at the touch of a button.

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    InVentry Anywhere

    Access the complete database using any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, so you always have complete access to who’s in the building. Read more about the InVentry Anywhere app.

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    Fire Evacuation

    Easily print off up-to-the-minute reports, or access the complete fire roll call list through the InVentry Anywhere app. Read more about fire evacuation features.

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    Events Management Module

    Pre-book visitors into the building for events such as training days and interview sessions. The InVentry system will send an e-ticket directly to their smartphone, which can then be scanned at reception for quick access.

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    Full Installation & Training

    The InVentry Visitor Management System will be put in place by experienced installers, and comes complete with a wall-, desk- or floor-mounted bracket and cabling to the reception PC. The installation also includes full software configuration to suit your organisation and a training session to assist your staff with management and operation of the system.